Thursday, 24 June 2010

It's a few weeks now into my residency.  It's taken a couple of weeks to get settled in, but now that I have re-acclimatized and discovered where the industrial estate is (the key to my materials!), I feel free to enjoy this experience.  

Giving a talk at the private view for 5 was terrifying but glad I did it!

I've had lots of conversations with Annabelle, talking about the feeling of trying to make the most of being here and the pressure you put on yourself to make a masterpiece - a sense of not wanting to fail.  I've now decided to spend this time experimenting and playing with processes, not thinking 'outcome' but hoping that a realisation of what I'm doing will become evident.....

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  1. We were the same and the reflecting time is much more valuable! I've still got ideas from the project that I can get on with back home because I build the foundation for them on the res!