Thursday, 20 June 2013

Anne Gibbs

Since arriving at Aberystwyth three weeks ago I've been exploring the coastal paths and mountains in and around the surrounding areas. The scenery is truly amazing. This is at Nant Yr Arian on a glorious sunny day

I've been visiting lots of  places and collating as many images as possible to use in the studio. Here is a museum display at Ceredigion Museum.

The museum is a wonderful unique place.

Things I brought with me. Some are made in plaster, bone china, wire and glass.

An ink drawing reminding me of my visit to Borth.

Here is a photo from the 'Keramik Conversations' exhibition at the Arts Centre curated by Gerard Mermoz.It's a treble vase (Schaffenacker pottery) which sits in the same cabinet as Lucie Rie and Hans Coper. Its a wonderful piece and I love the interlopers that have invaded the cabinet displays!

Valerian 20 days later

Hi all, my name's Valerian and I am a documentary photographer based in Montreal. I am working mainly on social subjects regarding migration, minorities, religion, in Canada, in the middle-east or elsewhere. I usually work with canadian magazines and newspapers.

You can check my website here :

And some of my images bellow

I have been in Aber for almost 2 weeks now and I'm thrilled with the seemingly infinite possibilities here ! While here I want to concentrate on bookmaking, and especially artist handcrafted books based on my existing work as well as on new images.

Here are some of the pictures of my studio I started posting on my Instagram :