Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The first half of the residency

15th of January 2011

The residency began with the feeling of being slightly overwhelmed and wanting to do everything at once. I was mainly torn between spending time doing various things at the studio but also wanting to go out exploring Aberystwyth and the surrounding area. It took a couple of weeks to settle in and arriving at a sense of balance. My most memorable day so far was the first day of heavy snow when me and Kate went for a walk along the beach. I had never seen snow on the beach before, and it seemed quite surreal. The snow looked like a frozen wave running towards the sea.

In my work at the residency so far I have been exploring ideas to do with the way that space is represented in pictures. I usually work in paint on canvas but was keen on using the time here to work with other media. Amongst other things, I have been making collages which occupy a three dimensional space, based on the idea of the panoramic view. I’m not sure where they will lead – I’m using the time and freedom at the residency to experiment rather than trying to reach a definite conclusion.

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