Tuesday, 26 April 2011

The Second Half of my Residency

(I meant to add this at the end of February)

The second half of the residency flew by! As the weather got milder I spent some more time around the coastline which in turn steered the direction of the work. I was drawn to the experience of looking into haze or mist and not being able to make sense of its landscape – was it big, small, far, near and so on. I made charcoal drawings and tried different things out with photos and text. The work was focussed on pictorial space and I wanted to suggest a form to the blank page or white canvas, or perhaps make it seem heavy and thick.

It soon became time to leave Aberystwyth and say goodbye to some wonderful new friends. Towards the end we went on two trips to North and South Wales and also held an open studio day. Looking back it was such a productive time and I left with the exciting feeling of having ideas for new work which I’m currently working on and developing further.

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