Tuesday, 29 November 2011

From Petri Virtanen - Nov.2011

The past weeks have raced like a Finnish rally driver through the woods pushing the pedal, and soon it is time to return back to Helsinki. But everything looks pretty good now, I do believe, after tomorrows´ last shoot at the pier, that I should have about 9-11 good shots, which would make an exhibition by itself!

Somehow when you finally settle down in a place, and get couple of shootings after another under your belt, it feels like you can’t stop.

Yesterday was the open studio, and a nice number of people arrived, and the atmosphere was very jolly. It’s always interesting to hear comments of your work, of course you make it purely for yourself, but still secretly you hope that somebody likes at least something, and that the pictures, drawings and music would have as wide audience as possible. And when asked, what is the favourite picture, the answers were very different, sometimes even surprising!

Also I would like to thank before leaving this great Welsh town, all the people of the Arts Centre, who helped and supported me, they made all this possible, and gave new spark to my a little bit jaded steps that I had before coming here, and being able to concentrate 120 % on my art, and make me once again know, where I am, and what I should do from now on, a sharper vision has been found, a refuelled artist has been made, thank you everybody!

Cheers and all the best!

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