Thursday, 12 January 2012

'The deep, dark forest is a common representation of the feared elements within. It can reflect parts of ourselves that are never entirely tamed, that are always somewhat dangerous or chaotic.They are important aspects of ourselves. In some ways, they are the most creative aspects of our inner world. We need to go into the dark forest. It is difficult and mysterious. Still, fresh energies and new ideas come from that place.'
Joseph Young  'How fairy tales shape our lives'


I arrived in Aberystwyth expecting to respond to the tides but is the trees that I find myself drawn to.
Parc Penglais, a stones throw from the studio is a wonderful ancient woodland with it's beautifully twisted Welsh Oak and it's gorse covered old quarry. 

             The grey slate struggles to compete with the stubborn old tree roots.

Walking, photographing, drawing - I am transferring my ideas into small studies in ink, acrylic and oil.

 I'm finding myself using black oil paint which I haven't done for at least 15 years. There is a darkness here. A non threatening but all enveloping darkness. It reminds me of my childhood in Northumberland where pitch black was familiar at the same time as being full of secrets.


                                          These are all works in progress.....

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  1. Really like these impressions, artworks - they work so well and are very visually pleasing.