Friday, 27 July 2012

Material Discoveries

At first I found this metal wall icy but I quickly grew attached to it. I love the way it encourages spontaneously putting things up with magnets. And you can write or draw on it with crayon too and it washes off. Play, lightness, change.

Seaweed - even large specimens - stick to wall because of their inherent stickiness.

Sheep's wool gathers on fences and around trees. I pluck it off and pocket it.
I am hooked on the smell and the oily, soft texture too.

I've been enjoying drawing with the chunky crayon meant for kids. I've discovered you can smudge it with wool.

The Coracle: a boat carried on one's back

Oatcakes make the perfect studio snack.
Nathalie sends 2 packages from Montreal:
1. a child's coat that appears to be a lower-class variation of the suit I took apart in 2009.
2. a collection of soaps.
Both feel like remnants from past works, though are new to me. 

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