Friday, 28 December 2012


My names Matthew Macaulay and I am a creative individual from Scotland who currently works and lives in the lovely city of Coventry in England. I have been painting since I got here and I have been enjoying and appreciating my time at the art centre, it is nearly the end of the first month of the residency and I feel I have been productive. 

Today I have been mainly writing and catching up with the emails, although at the moment I am just wrapping some work and making a shelf to take up to Manchester in the morning. Tomorrow I am dropping my work off with a friend who is putting a show together at Mirabel Studios. I used to live in Manchester for about ten years so it is exciting to be going back for the day and maybe looking at what has changed.

 In January I plan on exploring and going on walks in the area, and some of the other artists on the residency seem up for going on some adventures around the Aberystwyth. BUT before that I am looking forward to my Hogmanay celebrations (especially the haggis and neeps), and on that note I wish you all a warm and pleasant start to your New Year!

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