Monday, 7 January 2013

Ingrid Schildermans, December 2012

I want this stay in Aberystwyth to be based on what appears to be real out here. On the internet I have seen photographs of animals that I did not encounter here. I did see them taxidermied at the museum of curiosities. For me that will be the reality I allow to intrude into my work.

I have made photographs of the ruin that is supposed to be a castle. I will not look at what it was supposed to be like before. It is the reality of the remains that makes my work. The impression I have by seeing these paraphernalia.

Thus I am painting a plastic horse I have encountered in the museum. I am painting a remembrance garden I have seen near the church. I have painted plastic flowers that were sold in the flower shop.

This way Aberystwyth will be both my reality as it is real to its inhabitants. It will tell both my story and theirs. This combination makes it a surreal and contemplative installation called Imperium Ingrid Schildermans.

Ingrid Schildermans, December 2012

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