Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Valerian +64 days

Days are passing by fast, very fast...
Now is the time when you start thinking «did I use my time well during more than half of this residency ? Will I produce something relevant in the end ? What did I learn ?»
Weather is nice, very nice even, as Aber as been nominated as UK's warmest place a couple times. So it really feels nice to enjoy the sea breeze.

I have kept myself very busy during the past weeks.
First of all, a book making workshop in Wrexham, at the Regional Print Center with Michelle Rowley. Feels good to finally put some techniques on all this bits and pieces I gathered along the way.

Then 2 visits with the Aber Art Center in galleries in North and South Wales.

I keep on working on my Eigion/Le rivage project for the open studios that will be held on the 22nd august. A giant concertina book of pinhole sea landscapes at dusk and portraits of sea watchers. I can now access a bigger printer thanks to the School of Arts.

Also working on a small booklet named jours #, about transformation and relationship. I discovered the joys of digital design and double pages book printing nightmares ! Well that's how you learn and I love it so far.

For fun at week-ends, I still visit some old mine sites. Rather intringuing places

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